Meditation Tools - Top Tips 🧘

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Spotify 👂

There are are some awesome playlists and podcasts that we have used to help us meditate. Check them out here:

Peaceful Meditation Playlist - Some great chilled songs to help you get into that peaceful meditative state.

Guided Meditation Playlist - Get walked through your first meditations with some pros.

Headspace Playlist - Here is Headspace's very own playlist calmly walking you through the best meditations.

Videos 📺

Not only are there some great playlists but there are some awesome videos as well. We have listed some below for you:

Headspace - a mini-meditation

Calm Meditation Tips

Calm Stories | John

The Scientific Power of Mediation

Apps and Tools 📱

Headspace - As many people will already know Headspace is an awesome app that helps you make actionable improvements with meditation and sleep!

Calm - very similar to Headspace

Waking Up - similar guided meditations as the above but cheaper and houses loads of great podcasts about the science of meditation and more!

Let us know if you have any suggestions for us that have helped you in the past and we will be sure to add it all in!

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