A time to be there.

As this outbreak continues to get worse it is important now more than ever to look after those around you. Managing your mental health can become difficult as lines between work and home become blurred, face to face interactions are reduced and routine changes. I have found it hard and I/we are still trying to navigate this change. I have decided to put a few thoughts down on what has worked for me and other members of the team.

1. Maintaining Connection 🔗

This outbreak is scary. It has made me nervous and scared. Misinformation is everywhere and it is hard to filter everything, that combined with reduced human to human connection means that stresses can overflow. It can seem overwhelming and hard to handle at times.

I found it incredibly important to remain connected to those most important to me. I am speaking to my family more than I regularly do, checking in on friends and sharing worries and stresses.

At work, we call regularly and make sure our videos are on to keep up our ability to connect face to face. We are discussing how to introduce a new routine into our work from home lives and the importance of still doing activities that we value most.

To create a productive work environment at home whilst ensuring we are still able to “switch off” means managing stress and keeping the connection.

2. Filtering Out 📣

Everywhere I look at the moment someone is telling me their “opinion” about what will happen to me, the country and my company over the next few months. It is something I am also guilty of. It is an emotional rollercoaster and one I struggling to deal with, from reading sensationalist headlines to sanguine evaluations of the situation.

To help maintain emotional buoyancy we should make a conscious effort to filter what we read and watch. Read articles, watch videos and listen to podcasts produced by those qualified to put out content on the subject. Disconnect from sensationalist news outlets and do our part not to share “clickbaity” headlines designed just to attract readership.

Look for the facts. This can help us remain informed on the subject whilst keeping our worries and emotions in better balance.

Here are some good places to start:

Government Page



3. Remaining Mindful 😊

It is easy for us to get wrapped up in our situations which is perfectly normal. There is no point hiding from the fact that the foreseeable future is going to be tough on everyone. Everyone will respond to the circumstance and situations in different ways which again is normal.

It is super important we are there for everyone whilst understanding their response, although it may be different from ours, is their way of dealing with it. Avoiding biases, we must individualise our approach to help those around us cope.

I have always found that being mindful of those around me has always resulted in the same behaviour being reciprocated.

4. Final Thoughts 💭

These times are unprecedented. But we are hopeful. I am hopeful that the incredible strides that have been made in workplace wellbeing will continue to be made. Now more than ever, we need to band together to help those around us whether it is with their mental health and physical health or with everyday life and caring for the elderly. We need to be there.

I can assure you that myself, James and the rest fo the Livitay team will be there for whoever needs our help.

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