A spotlight of happiness 😊

These are not easy times. As we move forward things are likely going to get worse and it is so important that we are able to find the spotlights of happiness in society. This blog series is dedicated to finding awesome people, putting everything aside to help those around them. This one is for the heroes.

1. Darrell 🙌

Darrell is the first awesome person to inspire happiness in us this week. Darrell was unfortunately tested positive for COVID-19 and unfortunately died in hospital last Friday. BUT, Darrell asked those around him to carry out random acts of kindness in his memory.

A message on his behalf read "Instead we would like you to give acts of kindness. Help someone who is lonely or struggling during this time, who needs shopping, childcare or a chat. Post tiny acts of kindness given and received and share. Build something beautiful in Darrell's memory."

And so started to race to be kind to those around us - Darrell had sparked a movement of other awesome people around the UK to reach out and make others happy!

Scarlett and Grace 👧

Having heard this message, Scarlett (12) and Grace (10), we inspired to send postcards to the houses on their road, letting people know that they are there to help if anyone needs them.

An elderly neighbour got back to them saying she would love the help over the coming weeks especially when the bans are put in place.

Becky Wass ✉️

This idea was taken to a new scale! Becky Wass, a lecturer at the University of Falmouth, felt helpless against the pandemic which is a feeling I am not too distant from. Big, unopposed obstacles can be incredibly daunting and evoke a feeling of powerlessness. What Becky remembered was that sometimes, it is the smallest acts of kindness that can have the biggest impacts.

Becky popularised #viralkindness and created a postcard that allows you to offer help to those in your community. 87 groups have been formed around the country offering help and aid to their communities following the #viralkindenss campaign. THIS IS AWESOME.

A final bit of Awesomeness

Ok, so we have seen some awesome people offering random acts of kindness to inspire happiness in those around them. But we are not quite finished... People need to stay fit whilst isolated at home and one mans idea to do so is brilliant. We will leave you with this:

Life is wonderful,



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