15 minute Home Core Workout 🏋️

As we begin to change our usual after-work gym routine to at-home workouts, we've put together some of our favourite workouts from around the web that you can do at home! This is one of my personal favourites, a 15-minute intense but fulfilling ab workout for all abilities 😅

How it works

All of these ab exercises are done in 60-second back to back sets of threes before there is a 60-second break to allow you to recover before the next set. All you need for these exercises is a yoga mat and a stopwatch

Toe Touches


Standing Side Crunch

60s Break

Russian twist

Mountain climbers

Heel taps

60s Break

Bicycle Kicks

Flutter Kicks


60s Break



1. Toe Touches

2. Windmills

3. Standing Side Crunch

(60s break)

4. Russian Twists

5. Mountain Climbers

6. Heel taps

(60s break)

7. Bicycle Kicks

8. Flutter Kicks

9. Commandos

(60s break)

10. Burpees

11. Plank



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